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From: Ross Hardter, USA

I would like to add one more voice to those expressing their condolences over the attacks in London. As Britons sympathized with us after 9/11, so we do with you. We may occasionally disagree over policies (as we often disagree in this country with our own policies), but Britain and America have been friends and allies for nearly a hundred years, and that is not about to change. We stood with you in two World Wars, as you have stood with us in our legitimate fight against terrorists in the current age, and we continue to stand with you today as always.

As an American, I was very pleased to see London get the 2012 Olympics, clearly the second choice of every American. I am sorry to see your joy spoiled for now, but this day will pass and 2012 should continue to be a goal in which we can all take pride. So take heart. Britain will survive as it has for over 2,000 years. And more than survive, it will continue to offer a model for the world.

From: Ahmad Abbas Khan

Do you have any audio or video records of Indian classical musical artist of the instrument, Shahnai played by Ustad Ali Ahmad Hussain Khan and Shahnai party?

From: Marc Stein

I read your very interesting article about originality in music. I am a record producer and came across a new composer William Camilleri who is really original. His website is at




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