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Christmas music from the Mediterranean -
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'... an intriguing expansion to musical horizons ...'

A Mediterranean Christmas. The Boston Camerata / Joel Cohen. © 2005 Boston Camerata Inc / Warner Classics

This is a celebration of Christmas from Spain, Provence, Italy and the Middle East spanning 700 years from 1200, and is revealing in its colourful spirit and authentic performances both instrumentally and vocally. Its range is remarkable and fascinating.

The recital is divided into five sections. The first is The Sign of Judgement, opening with an improvised guitar prelude, a Judaeo-Spanish translation of a Hebrew prayer (Answer us, o God of Abraham), and a haunting song in Galician, Sybil's prophesy of the Last Judement sung by Hayet Ayad, in which the amazing sound of the Jewish shofar is heard [listen -- track 2, 2:34-3:21].

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Copyright © 26 November 2005 Patric Standford, Wakefield UK


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