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The angst-ridden first section of Tsum Besern Morg differs little from its forward looking second part. Troyer Past Nisht Undzer Ponim is anemic where it should be bitter-sweet. Yet Hala Yarden [listen -- track 19, 0:00-0:25] and S'Dremlen Feygl Oyf Di Tsvaygn are both beautifully accomplished.

Sha Shtil is presented with almost barber shop quartet fluency and vocal exactitude, though some listeners may prefer more asperity and outright grit.

Nonetheless there is much to enjoy here and the title song, Un Az Der Rebe Tantzt sets the music rolling with spirited ease [listen -- track 1, 0:00-0:53].

Albany's unruffled, superbly-focussed recording leaves nothing to be desired. Moreover it has excellent notes incorporating original lyrics and an English translation.

There's no denying Counterpoint presents calm and barely troubled daily joys to perfection; where life is fired with exuberance, under attack, or threatened by intolerance and pain they sometimes appear less at ease.

Copyright © 18 December 2005 Howard Smith, Masterton, New Zealand


When the Rabbi danced - songs of Jewish life from the Shtetl to the Resistance

TROY676 DDD Stereo FIRST RELEASE 60' 2004 Albany Records

Counterpoint; Robert de Cormier, director

Un Az Der Rebe Zingt (Shtetl/Yiddish, arr Robert de Cormier); Abraham Goldfaden: Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen (Shtetl/Yiddish, arr Robert de Cormier); Partizaner-libe (Resistance/Yiddish, Schmerke Kaczerginski, arr Robert de Cormier); Chassidisch (Terezin/Hebrew, arr Viktor Ullmann); Bachuri Le'an Tisa (Terezin/Hebrew, arr Gideon Klein); Tavo-u El Ha'arets (Terezin/Hebrew, arr Zigmund Schul); A Geneyve (Shtetl/Yiddish, arr Robert de Cormier); Sha Shtil (Terezin/Yiddish, arr Viktor Ullmann); Der Rebe Elimelekh (Shtetl/Yiddish, arr Robert de Cormier); Dortn, Dortn (Shtetl/Yiddish, arr Robert de Cormier); Tumbalalayka (Shtetl/Yiddish, arr Robert de Cormier); Du Zolst Nit Geyn (Terezin/Yiddish, arr Viktor Ullmann); Elya Taytelboym/Itsik Fefer: Troyer Past Nisht Unzer Ponim (Resistance/Yiddish, arr Robert de Cormier); Eliahu Hanavi (Terezin/Hebrew, arr Viktor Ullmann); Shael Shenker, arr Robert de Cormier: Nit Ayer Mazl (Resistance/Yiddish); Yome, Yome (Terezin/Yiddish, arr Viktor Ullmann); Di Mezinke (Shtetl/Yiddish, arr Robert de Cormier); S'Brent (Shtetl/Yiddish/Mordekhai Gilbertig, arr Robert de Cormier); Hala Yarden (Terezin/Hebrew, arr Viktor Ullmann); Modest Tabachnikov arr Robert de Cormier: A Gib Zhe Khaver (Resistance/Yiddish); Gebirtig/Yampolsky, arr Robert de Cormier: S'Dremlen Feygl (Resistance/Yiddish); Tsum Besern Morgn (Resistance/Yiddish, arr Robert de Cormier); Hirsh Glik arr Gene Glickman: Shtil Di Nakht (Resistance/Yiddish); Yiddishe Brigades (Resistance/Yiddish, arr Robert de Cormier); Zog Nit Keynmol (Resistance/Yiddish, adapted from Pokras, arr Robert de Cormier)



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