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A new simplicity

The Requiem by
Osvaldas Balakauskas -
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'... a deeply felt and tremendously communicative piece.'

Osvaldas Balakauskas: Requiem in memoriam Stasys Lozoraitis. © 2004 Naxos Rights International Ltd

Osvaldas Balakauskas (born 1937) is the leading Lithuanian composer of his generation and has produced a distinguished body of works in a wide variety of genres. Like many composers of his generation, his music has undergone a stylistic evolution throughout his career. He has written: 'During the Soviet era, I was much more modern. At that time, modernism was like taking a stand against the Soviet regime, it was like demonstrating for spiritual freedom. Now I'm returning to a more natural point of view regarding music and the listener.'

Osvaldas Balakauskas
Osvaldas Balakauskas

About his recent music, he also stated 'Music is communication, and I think that at the present time that's what it must be. Music shouldn't be a tool for some sort of ideology. For me, music is a social game among people. If I play this game, then I play it with people. That's my present position.'

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