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Editorial Musings with Basil Ramsey

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There are times when reflection on a subject of consuming interest to us reaches a climactic point. We clarify our states of understanding with any refinement deemed necessary. I write about music when enthusiasm, for some aspect, will turn me to the computer keyboard. It has that effect, and my need is to put thoughts on paper. Some of them I pass on to readers, hopefully spurring a few of you to respond.

We all know that music requires ears, not words. There are already some remarkable astute observations on the power of music from various parts of the globe, and others will no doubt follow.

My own gratitude towards an incomparable art is always paid with the greatest respect. It overwhelmed me at the age of eleven and has illuminated my living ever since. My desire to share, and to encourage worthy writing about the innumerable aspects of music, initiated the impulse to found Music & Vision.

Few music lovers feel a desire to write about their passion, but if you do and consider your views need sharing with our readers worldwide, you have but to contact us, and we will respond. We look forward to your letters.

Copyright © 5 January 2006 Basil Ramsey, Yorkshire UK



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