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MALCOLM MILLER enjoys a highlight of the
BBC Radio 3 Lunchtime Mozart Quartet Series


With preparations for the Mozart 250th Anniversary well underway, and much debate over the extent of the musical celebrations, whether too much or too little, it is reassuring to know that London is the scene of some of the finest performances of Mozart's works. Events as varied as a new Le Nozze di Figaro at the Royal Opera House, a recital series of all Mozart's piano music by Martino Tirimo, and a Great Quartet series performed by leading ensembles, currently presented at LSO St Luke's by BBC Radio 3, broadcast and streamed on their website. I was fortunate to attend the third of these, given by the outstanding Skampa Quartet, the Czech ensemble which has made a successful career since its 1993 London début and is currently on the chamber music faculty of the Royal Academy of Music. (The other concerts were by the Belcea and the Royal Quartets.) It is the Skampa who also give the concert on Mozart's birthday, 27 January.

Jerwood Hall at LSO St Luke's. Photo © Matthew Weinreb
Jerwood Hall at LSO St Luke's. Photo © Matthew Weinreb

The Jerwood Hall at St Luke's is an ideal venue in which to immerse oneself in the spirit of Mozart's works, for in its newly restored form it reflects the classical and contemporary aspects of Mozart's genius. The Hawksmoor Church built in the 1740s offers an acoustic and architecture both old and new, its restoration ingeniously preserving aspects of the original structure, brickwork and decorations integrated with modern, designer accessories, staging, lighting, lifts and facilities.

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