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A well-planned introduction

Orchestral music by
Ukrainian composers,
reviewed by

Angelok1    CD-7710/11

Ukraine Composers' Series Set One - Kharkov Philharmonic Orchestra / Vakhtang Jordania. © 2004 Angelok1

Every composer on this CD was unfamiliar to this reviewer and probably will be to most non-Ukrainian listeners as well.

The talented conductor Vakhtang Jordania, along with his excellent Kharkov Philharmonic have created a double-disc set that serves as a well-planned introduction to 20th century Ukrainian composers for orchestra. The oldest composer represented is Alexandre Mamontov (born 1923) and the youngest is Nicholai Stetsun (born 1942).

Most of the works are Romantic in spirit and style, owing a great deal to the late 19th and early 20th century Russian school of orchestral music [listen -- Gregory Tstitsaluk: 'Elegie for French Horn and String Orchestra', CD1 track 9, 0:01-0:59]. The influence of Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian is also present in some of the works.

The sonic quality of the recording leaves something to be desired at times, but the performances are extremely committed. The disc is recommended for those who are interested in beginning an exploration of Ukrainian music [listen -- Vitaly Gubarenko: 'Kupalo', CD2 track 2, 0:00-1:16].

Copyright © 3 January 2006 Carson P Cooman, Pittsburgh USA


Ukraine Composers' Series - Set One

CD-7710/11 DDD Stereo FIRST RELEASE (2 CDs) 71'09"/71'28" - TT 142'37" 2004 Angelok1 Records

Boris Michaev, domra; Mikkola Ostrovsky, french horn; Bogodar Kotorovich, violin; Kharkov Philharmonic Orchestra; Vakhtang Jordania, conductor

Ilya Polsky (born 1924): Overture; Volodimir Podgorny (born 1928): Concerto for Domra and Orchestra; Alexandre Mamontov (born 1923): Concert Polonaise; Dmitri Klebanov (born 1907): Suite No 2 for String Orchestra; Grigory Tsitsaluk (1923-1995): Elegie for French Horn and String Orchestra; Dmitri Klebanov: Four Preludes and Fugues for Orchestra; Nikolai Stetsun (born 1942): Youth Overture; Anatoly Gaydenko (born 1934): Kursky Karagody; Vitaly Gubarenko (born 1934): Kupalo; Chamber Symphony No 2; Choreographic Scenes from 'Zaporozhtsy' (Opening Scenes; The Furies; Mysteries and Illuminations; Triumphs and Finale)



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