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The Opera Colorado chorus is a strong group and its men sang their rousing war cries with virile voices. They are an important part of this opera and they fulfilled their role extremely well. Conductor Stephen Lord led the Colorado Symphony Orchestra in a brisk rendition of the score that brought out its rhythms as well as its long melodic lines. He was always mindful of the needs of the singers and never allowed them to be overpowered by the instruments.

Hasmik Papian in the final funeral pyre scene. Photo © 2006 P Switzer
Hasmik Papian in the final funeral pyre scene. Photo © 2006 P Switzer

After this wonderful performance that was increased by the camaraderie of fellow opera lovers, the audience of over two thousand disappeared into the frozen night with an inner warmth that only the exhilaration of a fine musical performance can provide. Norma was a rare treat that was very much appreciated by Denver opera lovers.

Copyright © 23 February 2006 Maria Nockin, Arizona USA


There is a further performance of Opera Colorado's Norma on Saturday 25 February 2006 at 7.30pm. Details from

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