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The group's disciplined mellifluousness continued in the second half when Voces8 re-emerged in jeans and loose shirts to suit their popular hits selection, yet here the musicianship was especially well exercised, the complex jazz harmonies always finely tuned. Whilst the bass singer was placed centrally in the classical repertoire, his double bass persona lined up on the side while some beguiling solos took centre stage from the group.

After a big band impersonation of Blue Moon, the Beatles' Yesterday (in a KingSinger-style arrangement) saw the delicate purity of Rachel Major's soprano accompanied by some verbalisations beneath. A foot tapping Let's Do It, and wittily acted-out American ditty Short People, was followed by the final I'm a Train, once more virtuoso in its vocal sound effects and coordination.

Voces8: from left to right, Robin, Barney, Dan, Rachel C, Paul, Tom, Rachel M and Dingle
Voces8: from left to right, Robin, Barney, Dan, Rachel C, Paul, Tom, Rachel M and Dingle

This ensemble deserves a far larger audience than could be attracted to such an intimate venue, and its excellence augurs well for a promising career ahead. Voces8, to paraphrase the title of their final encore, which began with a free improvisation, certainly have 'Got Rhythm', and one awaits their future appearances with eager anticipation.

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The next concert in Thursday Lunch, the New London Orchestra concert series presenting young performers at London's Foundling Museum, features cellist Richard Birchall on Thursday 16 March 2006 at 1.10pm. Details of the series can be found at and at

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