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'... complex in surface and generally rhapsodic in feel ...'

Mark Applebaum: Disciplines. © 2004 Albany Records

Mark Applebaum (born 1967) is currently on the faculty of Stanford University, in Palo Alto, California, USA. He studied at the University of California at San Diego and his music has been performed around the world in various contexts. His teachers include Brian Ferneyhough, Rand Steiger, and Roger Reynolds.

Applebaum's music is complex in surface and generally rhapsodic in feel, owing something to the music of his teachers Ferneyhough and Reynolds in particular. Despite the apparently 'highly constructed' nature of the music, very little of that construction is audible in the end result.

Sargasso (83+) (1992) is based on a larger string quartet work of his from the same year. It takes an 83-beat quotation from the first movement of the string quartet.

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