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Entre Funérailles II (2000) is another graphical score which contains of circular elements whose order is determined by the performer. Applebaum provides an interesting explanation of the series of pieces from which this one comes: 'Unlike almost all my other compositions, pieces that are worked out -- agonized over -- during several months or years, the Entre Funérailles series has a self-imposed requirement that its pieces be composed rapidly within 72 hours. Entre Funérailles II was composed on an airplane ride to the première of Entre Funérailles I for trumpet. This is the first time that I have commenced and completed a piece on an airplane, but certainly not the first time that I have composed in one. I regularly find the high altitude environment conducive to composing, perhaps because of oxygen deprivation.'

The final piece, Disciplines (1998) is an extended five movement suite for solo piano. The work 'was inspired by the life, music, and philosophy of Sun Ra'. Extremely extended notes explain how each movement of the work is constructed and behaves. The movements are titled Heliopolis, Cosmo Drama [listen -- track 8, 1:54-3:10], Ontological Shock, Outergalactic Discpline, and From Saturn to Alabama: Travels in Outer Space.

The booklet notes are incredibly detailed throughout (including score excerpts) and explain how the musical materials work in each piece very carefully. However, as stated above, very little of this is audible in the resulting music without looking at the score. This recording is recommended to listeners who are interested in discovering a new composer working in this musical idiom.

Copyright © 22 April 2006 Carson P Cooman, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


Mark Applebaum: Disciplines

innova 628 Stereo FIRST RELEASE 62'01" 2004 Mark Applebaum

Mark Applebaum (born 1967): Sargasso (83+) (1992) played by Eric Bartlett, cello; Narcissus: Strata/Panacea (1994) played by Steven Schick, marimba; Elegy (1995) played by Mark Applebaum, piano; Elegy (1995) played by Scott Paulson, carillon; Neo-Tribes (1997) played by Griffin Campbell, alto saxophone; Entre Funérailles II (2000) played by Terry Longshore, vibraphone; Disciplines (1998): Discipline 1: Heliopolis; Discipline 2: Cosmo Drama; Discipline 3: Ontological Shock; Discipline 4: Outergalactic Discipline; Discipline 5: From Saturn to Alabama: Travels in Outer Space, played by Shannon Wettstein, piano



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