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All three performances allow the music to stand or fall on its own merits. There is some real passion in the sonata, and each section of the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra under Joel Eric Suben has strong moments alone in the spotlight during the symphonies.

Based on the works here, Blauvelt is a thoughtful and capable composer. He has something unique to say with his striking sonorities and unusual, long, almost throbbing pulse. But these admirable qualities don't quite add up to a strong recommendation. Much of the music seems indeed 'monumental' as intended. But it could often use more compelling melodic content and drive.

Recommended, with the reservations cited, to those intrigued by unusual approaches to contemporary composition.

Copyright © 20 April 2006 Ron Bierman, San Diego, USA


Monuments - Music of Peter Blauvelt

ZR106 Stereo FIRST RELEASE 72'11" 2004 Peter Blauvelt

Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra; Joel Eric Suben, conductor; Theresa Villani, cello; Peter Blauvelt, piano

Peter Blauvelt (born 1956): 'Monuments', Second Symphony (1996-97/99-00) for orchestra; Third Sonata for Cello and Piano ('Terror and Reconciliation') (1993); First Symphony, 'in Two Movements' (1979-80) for orchestra



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