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'... charming, vivacious, passionate and gorgeously performed.'

The 5 Browns - No Boundaries. © 2006 Sony BMG Music Entertainment

If like me, you love a piano, you'll surely love five pianos even more! Especially when they are so creatively and capably played by The 5 Browns. It's hard enough to keep kids in clothes and shoes these days, but just imagine trying to keep five of them in pianos! Wow. Fortunately for us, these five siblings from Utah were able to attend The Juilliard School together in New York. Of course, they drew attention. And why not?

It began with Desirae, 27, then Deondra, 25, (who have graduated) Gregory 23, and Melody, 21, (who will graduate this year) leaving only Ryan, at 20 still at school. The five -- who apparently began piano studies at the age of three, were able to study together in New York for five years. An article in Time for Kids described their playing thusly, 'Gregory's style is aggressive. Melody's is graceful. Ryan's burst with energy and personality. Desirae and Deondra play many of the duets -- Deondra's style is intense and rhythmic, while Desirae's is more delicate.'

Their self-titled first album, The 5 Browns, was an immediate hit and led to television appearances as well as concerts. Their second CD, No Boundaries, is being released today, and it's just pure pleasure emanating from these talented siblings. Three cuts feature all five of them; but there are also several by one alone, or two or three of them, in various configurations, including the three sisters at one piano. The possibilities are endless! Let's listen.

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Copyright © 4 April 2006 Kelly Ferjutz, Cleveland USA


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