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Petite, attractive Siberian mezzo Marina Domashenko was a delightful Carmen with a strong, sultry voice. She was completely at home on the stage at all times. A fine musician, who has studied piano and conducting as well as voice, she is also a competent actress. She was a sex kitten in Act I, a fiery match for the matador in Act II and an uncompromising lover of freedom at all times. Her Don José was Puerto Rican tenor César Hernández who sang an impassioned 'Flower Song'. Although some of his tones were poorly supported, he acted the part realistically and convinced the sold out audience of his emotional attachment to the gypsy.

Marina Domashenko as Carmen. Photo © 2006 Cory Weaver
Marina Domashenko as Carmen. Photo © 2006 Cory Weaver

Barbara Divis sang Micaëla's music with pearl-like tones. Although her character's personality was totally the opposite of Carmen's, she was not a complete wallflower. When she sang 'Je parlerais haut devant elle' ('I will speak up in front of her') you knew she meant to conquer her fear and confront Carmen directly. As the charismatic bull fighter, Malcolm MacKenzie had a burly, robust voice and a macho swagger. His presence dominated the scenes in which he appeared.

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Copyright © 30 April 2006 Maria Nockin, Arizona USA


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