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A few moments later, we found ourselves back at 60 Lincoln Center Plaza. The sun was setting on this warm spring day, as it was on my time with this fascinating individual. 'Thank you,' he smiled warmly and shook my hand.

'Wait, wait, wait,' I interrupted, 'I'm sorry, but I have to know. How old are you?'

'Twenty-three,' came the pointed reply.

Twenty. Three.

Harvey eyed me curiously through wire-rimmed glasses, before excusing himself to a practice room in order to prepare for his graduation recital.

Graduation recital? I looked up at the sweeping stone staircase before me. The Juilliard School loomed overhead. Then it hit me. Harvey was in fact still a student, earning his Masters degree along with hundreds of other talented young musicians. He's just a kid, really. But no, he's really not.

William Harvey
William Harvey

I picked up my jaw from off the ground, replaced the professional cap atop my head, took one last glance at Harvey as he bounded up the stairs by twos, and headed for the subway.

Copyright © 13 April 2006 Amanda von Goetz, New York City, USA



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