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The final track, The Fallen, opens with long held chords superimposed over a running figuration in the piano. This essential structure is repeated, sometimes adding more layers, sometimes less; a commonality to all the variations is the essential harmonic structure and the piece gradually registers as a form of chaconne [listen -- track 10, 0:57-1:53], Davis's imaginative way of constructing a large scale structure using relatively short-breathed material.

This album will not appeal to everyone; Davis's style of music is hardly new-age or minimal. He has an appealing melodic talent and his use of sampling means that he can use a wide palette of colours, even if we miss out on the interaction between live instrumentalists.

Copyright © 13 May 2006 Robert Hugill, London UK


Nick Davis - Candescence

ND009 Stereo NEW RELEASE 43'50" 2006 Nick Davis

All compositions written, arranged, performed/programmed, produced, engineered and mixed by Nick Davis; Dan Carney, violin (In My Heart)

Nick Davis: Forever More; Flight to Freedom; La Mamselle; In My Heart; Yearning; A Lover's Lament; Return Of The Brave; Sojourn; Lullaby For Madeline; The Fallen



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