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In the end, listeners' enjoyment of these arrangements may depend more on their familiarity with other versions than on the sound of the music. That must be just as true for reviewers as for anyone else, so my preference for the Debussy and Gottschalk arrangements ahead of Brahms and Dvorák is just that, a personal preference -- but isn't this [listen -- track 6, 0:00-1:15] pretty?

The Webster Trio comprises members of the teaching staff of Rice University, Houston, Texas. The wind players, Leonie Buyse and Michael Webster, are former principals with the Boston Symphony and Rochester Philharmonic respectively; their pianist, Robert Moeling, is well established as a soloist and chamber musician in Holland and the USA. Performances are very good with occasional trivial lapses. One could say much the same of the recording, which sometimes makes the winds sound harsh at high dynamic levels and the bass end of the piano's range rather muzzy.

An unusual, enjoyable disc.

Copyright © 21 June 2006 Malcolm Tattersall, Townsville, Australia


World Wide Webster

CD357 DDD Stereo FIRST RELEASE 64'22" 2004 Crystal Records Inc

The Webster Trio: Leone Buyse, flute; Michael Webster, clarinet; Robert Moeling, piano

Dvorák: Slavonic Dances Op 46 No 8 (Presto), Op 72 No 14 (Moderato, quasi Menuetto), Op 72 No 13 (Poco adagio), Op 72 No 12 (Allegretto grazioso), Op 46 No 6 (Poco allegro); Debussy: Petite Suite (En bateau; Cortège; Menuet; Ballet); Brahms: Hungarian Dances, Nos 6 (Vivace), 16 (Con moto), 14 (Un poco andante), 13 (Andante grazioso), 5 (Allegro), 7 (Allegretto) and 21 (Vivace); Gottschalk: La Jota Aragonesa; Souvenir de la Havane; Souvenir de Cuba; Grande Tarantelle





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