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Saxophone music by
M Zachary Johnson -
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'The performers show their total dedication ...'

Saxophone Music of M Zachary Johnson - Live at Steinway Hall. Graphic design: Sherri Tracinski

The CD Saxophone Music of M Zachary Johnson -- Live at Steinway Hall contains highlights from the concert held earlier this year, premièring Mr Johnson's compositions for saxophone and piano. I found the composer's unique and Romantic style shining through in every piece.

Scherzo for Alto Saxophone & Piano is performed by Brian Horner, saxophone, and Elizabeth Wolynec, piano. The duet is adventurous, with both frolicking and more serious, musing sides. The melody opens first on piano, and the saxophone soon takes over through imitative development. Thereafter, a constant interplay between the two instruments unfolds, with the piano lending harmonic support and at times responding melodically.

Serenade for Alto Saxophone was performed solo by Brian Horner. A serenade is an expression of love, and in this solo, the saxophone declares the message with earnestness and clarity. In his program notes from the live concert, Johnson indicated that this serenade was inspired by Cyrano de Bergerac's serenade to Roxanne, from Rostand's play.

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