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Intense Seriousness

A recital by Canadian pianist Robert Silverman -
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'... brilliant and controlled technique ...'

Robert Silverman, piano, live at the Chan Centre, 19 January 2003. Liszt, Schumann, Chopin. © 2003 Orpheum Masters

Robert Silverman is one of Canada's most distinguished pianists ... which, from a nation that has produced a horde of pianists of the highest international calibre, is no small statement.

He is is an excellent and much-experienced pianist, was a long time member and later, Head of Faculty at the University of British Columbia (one of Canada's most significant schools). He has performed extensively in a wide range of repertoire. In short, a resumé of considerable achievement.

This CD was recorded live at Chan Hall in Vancouver, and the audience was mostly quiet (save for those predictable moments of sublime beauty in the music when a cough is required -- I believe it is a plot by diabolic forces -- but that's another matter).

What is amazing is Silverman's control, virtuosity and intense seriousness. Actually, 'intense seriousness' is an understatement in respect of this pianist. His dedication to the production of the clearest, most potent and powerful statement of the composer's meaning is unbelievable. Not a note goes by that is not intended and intended wholeheartedly.

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Copyright © 6 January 2007 Gordon Rumson, Calgary, Canada


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