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KELLY FERJUTZ tells the story of
Richard Waugh and his friend Charles Barr


Unlikely friendships are sometimes formed within the confines of a somewhat small group, such as an orchestra. Granted there are 105 musicians involved, as a rule, but they're sort of spread out on the stage, and generally you only really get to know those in your section. But in the Cleveland Orchestra, the double basses are positioned to the rear of the viola section, making it somewhat more likely to find a bassist and a violist becoming good friends. It helps if there's a non-orchestral interest in common.

Charles Barr (1975-2006)
Charles Barr (1975-2006)

Charles Barr was a talented young double bassist in the Cleveland Orchestra, having come to Cleveland in 2002. He was an ardent endurance and speed racing cyclist, diligent about practicing to improve his skills to be better at his chosen sport. On occasion, he would also ride his bicycle to and from his home in Cleveland Heights to Severance Hall, the home of the orchestra. Last August, nearing his home, the cyclist was involved in a fatal collision with a pickup truck, leaving saddened friends and family behind.

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