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'Antal Doráti and the joy of making music'
by Richard Chlupaty, reviewed by ANNA L FRANCO


Antal Doráti and the joy of making music by Richard Chlupaty, published by the Antal Doráti Centenary Society (2006), is a memorial tribute to the Hungarian-born American conductor. It documents his artistic achievements, with an extensive list of his concert appearances, organized chronologically and including the program repertoire. This program list, which makes up most of the book, is decorated with images, drawings, and photos of performances, performers, and program covers. The book does contain a small amount of biographical material at the beginning of chapters, and in the opening and the last few chapters, which are devoted to essays by and about Doráti.

Antal Doráti and the joy of making music' by Richard Chlupaty. © 2006 Antal Doráti Centenary Society


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Copyright © 21 July 2007 Anna L Franco, New York, USA


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