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The Symphony No 2 is in three movements uninterrupted by breaks. Most of us weaned on Beethoven and Mahler are unlikely to think of it as a symphony. Grove says the modern symphony is an extended work for orchestra further characterized by thorough development. This excerpt contains Cooman's entire second movement [listen -- track 1, 3:30-4:41].

Carson P Cooman. Photo © Paul Hsiao
Carson P Cooman. Photo © Paul Hsiao

Both symphonies here could instead be called concertos for orchestra; individual instruments rather than sections often carry the argument. A review of the catalog listing on his web site suggests that Cooman is fascinated by the capabilities of individual instruments and in the process of writing short solo or small-combination works for all of them including several older ones such as the baroque flute on this recording. It is testimony to his proficiency and versatility that many of these works were commissioned.

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