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Imbi Tarum plays French Baroque harpsichord music -
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Vertigo - Imbi Tarum, harpsichord - French Baroque. © 2007 ERP Music

This is a pleasant and encouraging CD to pick up since the artwork by Virge Joekalda and the design by Piret Mikk are good and direct. In fact the production team have done a very good job. Music relates to other sensory forms and the inter-relationship is important. However one looks at it, packaging is an essential part of recorded music. And more than this, sight is a parallel sense to hearing. Most of us have favourite CDs that are favourites partly because of the thoughtful and well designed packaging. From the packaging for this CD we pick up the essential information quickly. We see that it is entitled Vertigo, it is harpsichord music played by Imbi Tarum and the music is from the French Baroque period.

The key to this CD is that it presents a particular view of French harpsichord music around the last quarter of the 18th century played by Imbi Tarum who is a distinguished performer and teacher and is the key figure in the organisation of the internationally known Eesti Muusika Festivalid 'Harpsichord Days'. Besides her own unique view she takes a clearly Estonian view of this French music. Remembering such composers as Veljo Tormis and Arvo Pärt and the special position of Estonian music, it can be seen that the view point comes from outside the usual European position and is therefore particularly valuable. The result is an unusual intensity of expression that we have as critical evidence of the music in this CD.

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Copyright © 11 November 2007 Peter G Howell, Shropshire UK


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