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Jeffrey Fisher's
'Fairy Tales'

Two Birds Flying    TBF 2007

Jeffrey Fisher: Fairy Tales - Music from the ballet 'Hans Christian Andersen'© 2007 Two Birds Flying Music

If you are enthused by a practitioner of Ta'i Chi Chu'an and Reiki healing who is also an instructor in those disciplines, an artist, poet and author, traveller, double bass player and jazz pianist, composer of healing music, who apparently lives in a trailer with neither electricity nor running water but with spectacular scenic views of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, then Jeffrey Allan Fisher is your man. If you are, however, just a musician, then you may perhaps have some difficulty in appreciating the technical virtues of the scores Fisher has created for a Hans Christian Andersen ballet, commissioned by the San Gorgonio Ballet and performed at the Annenberg Theatre in Palm Springs last autumn.

The CD, performed and produced by Fisher on his own label, presents thirteen tracks created to accompany scenes from the stories Inchellina, Red Shoes and The Mermaid with music very simple, naïve [listen -- track 2, 0:00-0:35], not particularly imaginative, not at all ingenuous, and probably highly appealing to younger children who would be taken to a jolly, rural and undemanding pantomime [listen -- track 12, 0:36-1:34].

There are moments of apparent enlightenment when some material rises above the mundane [listen -- track 7, 0:00-1:10] but sadly it is short-lived, and the total overall impression is of a well-intentioned and harmless dilettante occupying some of his leisure time in an efficient studio. The only danger would be in taking it all too seriously [listen -- track 4, 0:26-1:29].

Copyright © 5 January 2008 Patric Standford, Wakefield UK


Jeffrey Fisher: Fairy Tales

TBF 2007 Stereo FIRST RELEASE 45'24" 2006 Two Birds Flying Music

Performed by Jeffrey Fisher

Jeffrey Fisher: Music from the ballet 'Hans Christian Andersen' - Part 1 - Inchellina - Dance of the Butterfly Children; Dance of the Faeries; Return of the Butterfly Children; Part 2 - Red Shoes - The Mad Cobbler; Village Scene; Sneaking Out / Pretty Shoes for Dancing; The Red Shoes; Retribution and Redemption / The Spell; Part 3 - The Mermaid - Birthday Party in the Underwater Kingdom; The Drowning Prince / 'Rescue from the Storm'; Love Scene / 'Interruption by Land People'; The Sea-Witch; Mermaid Goes to the Ball / Love or Death; Happy Ending


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