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Virtuoso - It's Never Too Late To Learn

8 37101 42223 9

NTSC 4:3 All Regions

Playing time: [14'17" + 14'17" + 3'46" + 2'29" + 1'02"]
Chapters: 8+8+3
© Copyright: 2007 Biana Kovic
Reviewer: Howard Smith
Review of Virtuoso - It's Never Too Late To Learn published on 7 August 2011

Biana Kovic, original music, editing, graphic design, production, direction
Aleksandra Cvetkovic, original music
Karen Nedivi, photography
Harrison Owen, photography
David R Wright, sound design
Mark Trewella, sound editing and mixing
Justin Menard, colourist
Adam Bertocci, titles
Christian de Rezendes, editing
Kevin Carlin, graphic design

A flim by cellist, teacher and film maker Biana Kovic which offers an insight into the secrets of ageing.
1 Opening Credits
2 The First Step
3 Plucking
4 Bow Hold
5 Practice
6 Playing A Song
7 Music Is Always There
8 End Credits

Special Features:
Commetary By Biana Kovic
Interview with Dr Veronica LoFaso
Interview with Dr Concetta Tomaino
Interview with Anne Wigglesworth
Filmmaker Bio


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