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This sounds very worthy, but it is important to note that the whole thing is based on fun. The singers enjoy themselves immensely and work willingly in such an atmosphere. Brewer is very keen on the idea of bringing fun into learning, a number of his training books develop this idea. The NYC are currently working towards producing a video of their training to disseminate their ideas further.

Not surprisingly a considerable proportion of the choir members go on to work in music as teachers or singers, the remainder go on to every possible career. A small proportion becomes professional singers and conductors.

Members of the National Youth Choirs
Members of the National Youth Choirs

NYC tends to commission a new piece each year: there is a composer's competition sponsored by Novello and every other year there is a conductor's workshop based on the Senior Choir. The Training Choir is the focus of collaborations with local authorities and schools. During holidays they invite groups to do a half day visit to the NYC courses. Senior students from the NYC work with children from the local area, teaching them music and then they sing together at a concert.

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