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Now, however, the capricious breeze was riffling those sheets of paper scattered on the floor, impeding his progress toward the desk. He was slightly off-balance anyway, because of the awkwardness of trying to carry the box without dropping it, and now he had to step over and around the moving pieces of paper! Such a bother, trying not to step on a piece of the somewhat expensive paper.

But then, just as he was about to put a foot down just there, a piece of paper scooted right to that very same place, and, unbalanced, he dropped the box in order to keep his balance. Better to drop the box and risk breaking the contents than to risk his balance, and possibly break himself. He was, after all, 76 years old now, and perhaps not quite as spry as he had once been. His mind, however, continued to function as well as it ever had. The box crashed to the floor, landing sharply on one corner, and the lid came off, scattering the contents hither and thither.

To his amazement, once he'd regained his balance, and inspected the floor more carefully, he discovered that the supposedly new manuscript paper that was now decorating the floor was quite liberally covered with black specks! Leaning over, he picked up one sheet for a closer look, and realized that the specks were notes. Music notes! He was at a loss to understand this phenomenon, and, picking up a magnifying glass, bent to inspect more of the sheets of paper, still lying on the floor. Indeed, they were all speckled as the first one had been.

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