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Did anyone in the Soviet Union notice the connection between Classical Music and Truth? Did anyone notice the connection with Beauty? Did anyone notice the connection with humble dedication to a greater idea (Art) and service of its creators?

These sorts of thing are very dangerous to governments. They would prefer us stupid. That way, when we vote, we simply re-elect the same fools who have raped the nation and ruined the ship of state.

It is no surprise that anything that even remotely helps people apprise the Truth, develop respect and fosters Beauty will be undermined. Education is today routinely replaced with training, information is removed and reduced (in the curriculum and in the physical removal of books) and information is regularly withheld by the mainstream media. Why does no one know Upton Sinclair's book on the abuse of media power?

Classical music is not the only way to the Truth, nor even a large portion of that field, but it is something and it may have been useful in the past. Classical music may help people remember some wisdom, notice some beauty, feel calm and calming emotions and these are in point of fact good things.

I sincerely doubt that someone raised on a sex-obsessed tune is going to develop a powerful mind and loving heart. It is too one-sided and does not develop other aspects of the human personality.

But sex-obsessed people, drug-addled fools, people who don't know history, people who can't sit still, people who do not develop emotions of calmness are all exactly the sorts of people that governments in power would love to have to manipulate. Individuals who can think for themselves, who seek Truth, value Beauty, value and know history, develop humility and capacity for dedication, these sorts of people are unruly irritants for power holders.

I believe the ruling powers in the world learned the lesson of the Soviet era and are now doing everything they can to reduce, debase and render trivial Classical Music. I believe this explains the murder of Classical Music.

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Copyright © 25 May 2008 Gordon Rumson, Calgary, Canada


Lest anyone think me Euro-centric, I point out similar processes in the stupidification of the sublime classical traditions of Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Indonesian and Indian music among others. (Nor do I refer only to 'dead white guys' as the tradition still operates and has female and coloured exemplars of highest quality.)

The exact same process can be observed around the world. The prime tool is the addition of a 'back-beat' which I consider to be an acoustic symbol for industrialisation and gunnery. The 'back beat' is a first step in the militarisation of our world. Besides, 'back beat' is what slave owners did to slaves. Beat their backs.

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