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12 April 2008: J S Bach pedaalklavikordil ('J S Bach on pedal clavichord') Joel Speerstra, USA, pedal clavichord at the Kadriorg Palace, Tallinn

The Kadriorg Palace in Tallinn was built in 1718 for Peter the Great, and designed for him by the Italian architect, Nicolo Michetti. The grand salon in which the concert was held is about as ornate as a building can become without the design intruding on its function. One has to contrast this with the utilitarian but effective three boxes that comprise the pedal clavichord built by Joel Speerstra.

Kadriorg Palace. Photo © 2008 Peter Howell
Kadriorg Palace. Photo © 2008 Peter Howell

Let us be quite clear before discussing the complexities of the pedal clavichord that Joel Speerstra plays Bach brilliantly. He gave an astonishing and much appreciated performance of music by J S Bach, including one piece, the Chaconne in D (BWV 1004), which is arranged for clavichord by Edoardo Bellotti.

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Copyright © 1 May 2008 Peter G Howell, Shropshire UK


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