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Edwin Roxburgh Oboe Music



Playing time: 66'08"
Tracks: 9
Booklet pages: 16
© 2008 Divine Art Ltd
Reviewer: Patric Standford
Review of Edwin Roxburgh Oboe Music published on 29 November 2008

Listen: Elegy (track 8, 7:02-8:05)

Christopher Redgate, oboe/oboe d'amore
Stephen Robbings, piano

Ensemble Exposé:
Caroline Balding, violin
Bridget Carey, viola
Robin Michael, cello
Isabelle Carré, flute
Andrew Sparling, clarinet
Julian Warburton, percussion
Paul Archbold, electronics
Roger Redgate, conductor (Elegy)

Edwin Roxburgh (born 1937):

1 Study 1 (solo oboe)

Aulodie (oboe/oboe d'amore and piano)
2 Paean
3 Hermes
4 Ariadne's Thread

5 Images (oboe and piano)

6 Eclissi (oboe, violin, viola, cello)

7 Antares (oboe and piano)

8 Elegy (solo oboe, violin, cello, flute, clarinet, percussion and electronics)

9 Cantilena (oboe and piano)


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