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Ask Alice, with Alice McVeigh

An agony aunt at The Acropolis,

? 'Dear Alice,

Is it true that you once played in an orchestra touring with New Age pianist and composer Yanni? How did you like playing with him?

Your friend on the move, '
Brina in Seattle

Ask Alice

Alice Dear Brina (really Sabrina, I know)

So pleased to hear from you!!!

Yes, it was very strange -- though very exhilarating -- going to Greece with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra to accompany Yanni.

Here are my feelings, in order of feeling:

  1. What rubbish this yawn-worthy pop music is!
  2. When is he going to sing?
  3. Anyone could sit there and look handsome playing keyboards, right?! Right?
  4. Is this it??
  5. Who wrote it, anyway? (Though I have to admit, I kind of like it.)
  6. This is a great place!
  7. And also, he is quite attractive. He even smiles at the cellos.
  8. though I still think it's not very good music
  9. though not as bad as I thought it is at first, in fact ...
  10. It's almost getting to me, in a very strange way ...
  11. I don't know why
  12. but I admit that, when I spotted the cameraman zeroing in on me in the cellos, I
  13. went over the top (theatrically), which
  14. is probably why people on four continents still ask me: Hey, wasn't that you on the famous Yanni-at-the-Acropolis video?

Alice at The Acropolis

And I say: yes. Yes, it was. Yes, I loved it.


Copyright © 26 December 2008 Alice McVeigh, Kent UK

Ask Alice



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