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Mystery Bolshoi intermission music,
with classical music agony aunt ALICE McVEIGH

? 'Many many years ago I was traveling in Russia. I heard some music, about which I remember some details but not the composer. The piece was played by a solo violinist accompanied by the piano. It was a short movement (of about four minutes) which was considered a piece known commonly by most Russians and it was (I think) allegro, maybe adagio.

Can you help me identify the music? It is very important to me, as it was played at an intermission of the Bolshoi Ballet Orchestra in 1988.

' I will look for it on Youtube once I find your answer to see if I recognize it.

Ask Alice

Alice Hi,

Will put this on my column, in hopes that someone out there can help you.

(The Bolshoi might of course have their own records?)


Ask Alice

Thousands of you -- OK, exactly one of you, my editor Keith -- have waited in vain for more than two months to hear my opinion of the splendidly bleak Shostakovich second cello concerto, as performed by Jamie Walton and the Philharmonia Orchestra.

Well, here it is!!!

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Copyright © 9 January 2009 Alice McVeigh, Kent UK

Ask Alice

Editor's note: I noticed you ignored the Britten Cello Symphony completely!

Alice: Yes. Well. I heard it -- very well played, by Walton and the Philharmonia Orchestra, but what a load of rubbish it is. The reason for its not making it into the cello canonic repertoire is obvious: Benjamin Britten -- so often so scintillating -- was dead off-form!!!!!



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