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Vocal music by
Jacobus Vaet -
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'... a gorgeous disc on all counts ...'

Vaet: Missa Ego flos campi - Cinquecento. © 2009 Hyperion Records Ltd

This is a gorgeous disc on all counts, featuring some rather obscure composers from the Early Renaissance but undoubtedly with huge talent, as judged by the music available here. Jacobus Vaet died at the early age of thirty-seven but that did not stop him from seriously influencing the Dutch musical firmament with some striking pieces, such as the half hour Miss Ego flos campi which is astonishingly inventive and full of original touches.

Listen -- Vaet: Agnus dei (Missa Ego flos campi)
(track 6, 0:01-0:55) © 2009 Hyperion Records Ltd

Vaet is also notable in his shorter pieces which are no less innovative or full of striking music. Particular amongst them is the stunning Magnificat octavi toni which Cinquecento brings off with almost breathtaking virtuosity and perfection.

Listen -- Vaet: Magnificat octavi toni
(track 8, 0:00-1:04) © 2009 Hyperion Records Ltd

Spiritus Domini and Salve regina are also commendable for their varied and forthright style which again brings out the best of this fine vocal group. Hyperion also include the motet by Clemens non papa which is actually the basis of Vaet's mass.

Listen -- Jacob Clemens non Papa: Ego flos campi
(track 14, 2:30-3:35) © 2009 Hyperion Records Ltd

As is usual with Hyperion, the notes are of striking detail and are a revelation in their own right, as these two composers are rather obscure to say the least. The booklet also contains some innovative promotion for Cinquecento's previous issues on Hyperion and the recording is also absolutely first class with just the right balance and stunning clarity throughout, especially in the more complex multi part voice pieces.

Copyright © 1 August 2009 Gerald Fenech,
Gzira, Malta





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