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Vikings on Vacation - Ensemble Polaris



Playing time: 53'04"
Tracks: 18
Booklet pages: 8
© 2009 Ensemble Polaris
Reviewer: Ron Bierman
Review of Vikings on Vacation - Ensemble Polaris published on 14 June 2010

Listen: Dalmarschen (track 1, 0:00-0:52)

Ensemble Polaris:
Marco Cera, guitars
Kirk Elliott, violin, celtic harp, mandolin, accordions, bouzouki, bagpipes
Margaret Gay, cello
Ben Grossman, hurdy gurdy
Katherine Hill, voice, nyckelharpa
Alison Melville, baroque flute, recorders, seljefløte
Colin Savage, clarinet, bass clarinet, recorders
Debashis Sinha, percussion

1 traditional, arranged by Polaris: Dalmarschen

2 traditional, arranged by Polaris: Jungfrun och Näkken

3 Nino Rota, arranged by Marco Cera: La Rumba

4 Anxo Pintos, arranged by Polaris: Nanatsu

5 traditional, arranged by Polaris: Klosterjungfrun

Kirk Elliott: Cod's Anatomy
6 Stir it all aboot
7 The little black fox
8 The Mysterious Murder of Max Penney
9 Farewell to Little Seldom
10 Reel from Doran House

11 traditional, arranged by Polaris: Visa från Venjan

12 Andrew Downing: You lovely island

13 Kirk Elliott: Polska for Alban

14 traditional arranged by Kirk Elliott: Polska efter Anders Liljofors

15 traditional, arranged by Polaris: Anna och Wilhelm

16 traditional, arranged by Kirk Elliott: Polska efter Byss-Calle

17 Debashis Sinha: Emil goes to market

18 traditional, arranged by Polaris: I wish in vain


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