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CD Spotlight. Murder Accomplished - Rutland Boughton's 'The Queen of Cornwall' impresses Robert Anderson. '... a brave attempt ...'

His Forever - My Love Affair with Johann Sebastian Bach, by Gloria DeVidas Kirchheimer

CD Spotlight. Great Poise - Petrenko conducts Shostakovich symphonies, recommended by Paul Sarcich. '... care and thoughtfulness ...'

CD Spotlight. Beauty of Timbre - Vivica Genaux sings Vivaldi, heard by Maria Nockin. 'Genaux's diction is excellent ...'

Eleven Days without 'Aunt Mary' - Carolyn Ellis describes an unusual problem whilst travelling

Imaginative Heights - Gordon Rumson looks forward to the Calgary Art Song Competition

Ensemble. Robust Voices - Susan Hampton visits Boston for Puccini's 'La bohème'

Thank You Mama - Bill Newman talks to pianist Igor Tchetuev

Double Reed Disorder - 'With most reverent and obsequious apologies to all them that are heavy-laden with bassoon and shall find not rest, herein', by Jennifer Paull


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