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A selection of M&V 'birthday' articles

CD Spotlight. Instinctive Artistry - Jill Crossland plays Mozart and Beethoven, heard by Howard Smith. '... a distinctive, beautifully considered performance.'

Spokesman for Soviet Society? - Colin Albin discusses Shostakovich and the state

Ensemble. When God and Man Collide - Giuseppe Pennisi visits the Salzburg Festival to investigate 'the downfall of the myth and the spirit of the music'

Ensemble. A Remarkable Event - Paul Sarcich visits the West Cork Chamber Music Festival

Ensemble. Contemporary Resonance - Grange Park Opera's 'Capriccio', enjoyed by Robert Hugill

Ensemble. Celebrating in Style - Derby Concert Orchestra's sixtieth birthday, with Mike Wheeler

Ensemble. Brisk Ebullience - Lawrence Budmen sends a second report from this summer's Tanglewood Festival

Ensemble. A Slow-burn Approach - 'The Lighthouse' by Peter Maxwell Davies, reviewed by Mike Wheeler

CD Spotlight. Admirable Devotion - Sibelius songs, appreciated by Robert Anderson

A hermit at heart - Carolyn Nott pays an eightieth birthday tribute to her husband, the composer Gerard Schurmann

Ensemble. Enchanting music - Festival Miami celebrates Ned Rorem's eightieth birthday, and Lawrence Budmen was impressed

Editorial musings with Basil Ramsey - Mere ramblings

'American voice' - in celebration of the 100th birthday of Aaron Copland, by Richard Krause


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