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A selection of M&V 'Amadeus' articles

CD Spotlight. Mozart across Niagara - Peter Hatch's 'Wiki Mozart' delights Jennifer Paull. '... an intoxicating cocktail.'

DVD Spotlight. Fictional Hokum - Kevin Sullivan's 'Magic Flute Diaries', reviewed by Howard Smith. '... a "rag-bag" of special effects and Mozartian absurdities ...'

DVD Spotlight. Weird Love Tales - Offenbach's 'The Tales of Hoffmann' [listen], reviewed by Robert Anderson. '... a cast, orchestra, conductor and stage team fully up to tackling a very demanding project.'

Hide and Seek - Finding Mozart in his image, by Thomas Larson

Ensemble. Too many words? - Peter Shaffer's play 'Amadeus', reviewed by Kelly Ferjutz

Useful insights - Daniel Felsenfeld's book 'Samuel Barber and Benjamin Britten. Their lives and their music', reviewed by Mike Wheeler


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