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Elgar and Alice

Peter Sutton's play Elgar and Alice was given its first performance on 5 June 2007 at The Swan Theatre, Worcester UK, directed by Gene David Kirk, to mark Elgar's 150th anniversary.

The play concentrates on the Elgars' domestic life, and tensions within their marriage - Alice's family's horror at having a tradesman as a relative, Elgar's dismissal of his wife's poetry, and the composer's relationships with other women.

British actor Gerald Harper, who (after some persuasion) took the role of Elgar in the play's first performances, writes at length in one of the book's introductory articles: 'We analysed what the play was essentially about. Conclusion: a marriage, in which one party has had a monkey on his back - of genius ... undoubtedly the play is worth reading for its own sake. I'm extremely glad it will be available in print for everyone to appreciate.'

The text of Peter Sutton's Elgar and Alice is now available as a book from Severnpix Publishing (2008) at, ISBN 978-0-9545402-4-1, retailing at GBP 7.50.

Posted: 28 July 2008

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