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Organs and Organists

Life must be difficult in Christchurch, New Zealand, following the 2011 earthquake and various more recent quakes. However, the city has a new Transitional Anglican cathedral, made largely from cardboard, with a Rodgers Infinity digital organ - the original pipe organ is still inside the ruins of the Anglican Cathedral in the Square - and unstoppable organist Martin Setchell's most recent recording is titled Cardboard Cathedral Organ Capers. Recorded in the transitional cathedral in the middle of what amounted to a building site in 2014, and including, amongst other Setchell arrangements, a spoof Wedding March, the CD is available from Pipeline Press via the link below.

Those who enjoyed the stories in Martin's wife Jenny Setchell's first book, Organ-isms: Anecdotes from the World of the King of Instruments, will be pleased to know that she has produced another book, Organs and Organists: Their Inside Stories - All you (n)ever wanted to know (ISBN 9783928412216), with more stories, plus several other sections (including many photos of the world's most beautiful organs) which try to explain the weird life of organs and organists. Jenny explains that hopefully it will be the sort of book that you can thrust at someone and say 'You don't understand organs or organists? This is what it's all about'.

The new book contains over four hundred full-colour photos, and diagrams and cartoons mix in with the text to make a 416-pager. So in a sense this is the sequel to Organ-isms: Anecdotes from the World of the King of Instruments, but with an added dimension or two.

Visit the Pipeline Press website to read more about the book and find out how to register for a pre-publication discount. The date of release is roughly June/July 2017 in the northern hemisphere and 1 September 2017 in the southern hemisphere.

The previous book Organ-isms is on sale at the moment, with a 30% discount from Pipeline Press.


Posted: 9 May 2017

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