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Composing in Words - William Alwyn on his Art

Andrew Palmer, editor

ISBN: 978-0-907689-71-3


Number of pages: 370, plus 26 black and white illustrations
Chapters: 15
© 2009 The William Alwyn Foundation
Reviewer: Patric Standford
Review of Composing in Words - William Alwyn on his Art published on 15 July 2010

1 Winged Chariot: An Essay in Autobiography
2 Early Closing: An Autobiography of Childhood
3 Ariel to Miranda: A Journal
4 Meet the Composer
5 The Musical Opinions of Doctor Crotch
6 Film Music: Sound or Silence?
7 The Background to Miss Julie
8 Elgar as a Conductor
9 The Music of Arnold Bax
10 The Golden Girl and the Swallow: A New Assessment of Puccini
11 My Debt to Czech Music

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