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LYNN NORRIS looks back at the life of
composer, conductor and pianist Aubrey Bowman


On 15 May 2010, a meeting took place at Conway Hall in London, to celebrate the life of Aubrey Bowman, a founding member of the Workers' Music Association. Tributes and obituaries documenting his friendships, compositions, performances, acquaintances and professional life have appeared in the WMA Spring Magazine, and at the meeting, his family, WMA members, associated choirs and friends, gathered to pay tribute and perform works, including some of his, and some of their own. Aubrey's achievement in encouraging and empowering members to explore their creativity by writing, performing and broadcasting their beliefs and hopes for a better world, shone through the afternoon.

Aubrey is survived by his daughters, Alison and Priscilla, and grandchildren Lawrence, Ben, Thomas and Toby, Kirstyn, Jo and Rachel and a great-grandchild Ava.

In wishing to pay tribute to Aubrey myself, I have reproduced some of the material which he gave me for the book I am working on, called Tales of the Century...

Copyright © 20 May 2010 Lynn Norris,
London UK






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