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Desperate platitudes ...
a rather surprising concerto at the BBC Proms,
and an urgent plea for new correspondence,
from deputy classical music agony 'aunt' DGRIFFS

Ask DGriffs

Alice is otherwise engaged for a couple of weeks so she has asked me to step in to answer the more pressing of your queries, if indeed any of the rot she gets sent could honestly be described as 'pressing'. Some (though not I, needless to say) would criticise her lack of commitment, but isn't it accepted practice for musicians to send a dep in when a better gig comes up?

She has kept her reasons for absence secret but I have an unmarked vehicle watching her house and my best guesses, judging by the comings and goings, is that she is either secretly 4th percussionist in the Danish Radio Orchestra, a nightclub singer going under the name of 'Dolores' or breaking in to Waterstones at night to move copies of her books further up (for that read 'in to') the best sellers shelves. Anyway, having put on the frock and full slap previously to perform the role of Agony Aunt, I decided to trawl through what felt like the last twenty years of Ask Alice to reacquaint myself with the editorial style and now feel equipped to handle your problems, if that isn't a euphemism for something dodgy.

Ask DGriffs

With the paucity of new correspondence, the editor has sent me some of the messages which Auntie Alice decided to ignore over the past few months and in nearly every case, I shall do likewise, although we will start with this letter which was sent by some troubled soul on 3 July 2010:

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Ask DGriffs




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