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Rózsa and Korngold
violin concertos -
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'... breathtaking virtuosity from soloist and orchestra alike.'

Rózsa and Korngold Violin Concertos. © 2009 Orchid Music Ltd

Before, during, and for some time after the Second World War solo virtuoso violinists born in the UK were as scarce as hen's teeth. A few top émigré violinists were resident here but the finest British performers were orchestra leaders -- David McCallum, Paul Beard, Rodney Friend and Hugh Bean among the best known.

Throughout the pre-war era gifted soloists lacked today's opportunities to 'make a splash' -- and so Raymond Cohen, Nona Liddell, Thomas Matthews and a few others pursued their careers relatively unsung.

Albert Sammons' active career ended shortly after the war while Max Jaffa's light concerts from the Palm Court, Scarborough, featured on BBC radio through the 1950s and 60s.

During the war years Alfredo Campoli played for troops courtesy of ENSA ( Entertainments National Service Association )...

Copyright © 7 September 2010 Howard Smith,
Masterton, New Zealand


Maya Koch and Matthew Trusler's son Lenny died from a rare kidney disorder two hours after birth in April 2007. The Lenny Trusler Children's Foundation (LTCF) is dedicated to helping provide the relief of serious illness in newborn babies and infants, both in the UK and abroad. Just one month after its official launch in May 2008 it was chosen as Charity of the Year 2008/2009 by Reef Television. The award includes a 10,000 pound donation towards their first mission, a family room for the neonatal unit of London's Whittington Hospital, as well as the making of a short film about the foundation's activities.

The LTCF will raise money primarily through musical projects and will work closely with the Trusler's own independent classical music record label Orchid Classics.

On 1 December 2010 at Cadogan Hall, London UK, the LTCF presents a Gala Concert and Auction in aid of seriously ill children. Some of the UK's most talented young musicians perform to raise money for a new life-saving incubator for Whittington Hospital. Further information from






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