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Rutland Boughton: The Queen of Cornwall

2CDLX 7256 (2 discs)


Playing time: 113'48"
Tracks: 11+10
Booklet pages: 32
© 2010 Dutton Epoch
Reviewer: Robert Anderson
Review of Rutland Boughton: The Queen of Cornwall published on 27 December 2010

Philip Tebb, Watchman
Patricia Orr, Brangwain
Neal Davies, King Mark
Heather Shipp, Queen Iseult
Peter Wilman, Sir Andret
Jacques Imbrailo, Sir Tristram
Joan Rodgers, Iseult of Brittany
Elizabeth Weisberg, Damsel

Members of the London Chorus
New London Orchestra
Ronald Corp, conductor

Rutland Boughton (1878-1960):

The Queen of Cornwall (1923-24)
A music-drama based on the play by Thomas Hardy


Act I

1 Chorus of Shades of Dead Old Cornish Men and Women
2 Where is the Queen?
3 No foot, I swear, set I in Brittany
4 Why did Heav'n warrant in its whim?
5 How little he knows
6 I dream that the dearest I ever knew had died
7 Could he but live for me a day
8 Maybe indeed he did not die
9 When I set out for Lyonesse
10 O, the opal and the sapphire
11 Let's meet again tonight, my fair


Act II

1 Prelude
2 A ship sheers round, and brings up in the bay
3 I saw them coming down to learn my errand
4 So, after all, am I to share you
5 If it's ever spring again
6 Yea, love, true is it sadness suits me best
7 O murderer
8 No sight nor sound of her
9 Indulge no more may we in that sweet bitter pastime
10 Chorus of Shades of Dead Old Cornish Men and Women


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