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Jonathan Little: Polyhymnia



Playing time: [52']
Tracks: 5
Booklet pages: 12
© 2012 Navona Records LLC
Reviewer: Patric Standford
Review of Jonathan Little: Polyhymnia published on 25 September 2012

Listen: Jonathan Little: Kyrie (Missa Temporis Perditi) (track 5, 1:54-2:35)

Jonathan Little:

1 Polyhymnia: 'She of Many Hymns' or Muse of Sacred Poetry Op 10 (from The Nine Muses, No 6 of 9)
Strings of the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra (and Principal Soloists)
Petr Vronský, conductor

2 Terpsichore: 'The Whirler' or Muse of Dance, Op 7 (from The Nine Muses, No 7 of 9)
Kiev Phiharmonic Orchestra (and Principal Soloists)
Robert Ian Winstin, conductor

3 Fanfare Op 3A
Brass and Percussion players of the Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra
Robert Ian Winstin, conductor

4 Sacred Prelude Op 1
String Soloists of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
Robert Ian Winstin, conductor

5 Kyrie Op 5 (from Missa Temporis Perditi)
Thomas Tallis Chamber Choir
Philip Simms, conductor

With works described as 'an inspired creation' (Patric Standford, M&V), 'original and quite brilliant' (Fanfare) and 'immensely poetic' (Tempo), Jonathan Little has planted himself as a luminary contemporary composer. On Polyhymnia, his first release on Navona Records, Little is able to transform traditional influences into rich, intense and finely structured music that lives up to his reputation.


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