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'... we have faith in this unique venture as people everywhere, and from every strata of society, come within the power and influence of good music.' - Basil Ramsey, writing in 1998

After three months of planning, design and software development at the end of 1998, Music & Vision tentatively launched its daily online classical music magazine service on 1 January 1999 - a joint venture between music publisher and magazine editor Basil Ramsey and internet consultant Keith Bramich. The first months proved quite difficult, as the magazine, billed as a 'classical music magazine in daily parts', struggled to find its way in a world in which the classical music business hadn't yet come to terms with the internet or its possibilities. Readership grew slowly and new writers appeared only occasionally.

More than a decade later, in an ever more quickly changing world, the magazine holds its own amongst a large number of high quality online publications, and receives a steady stream of material for publication from writers in many different countries.

A selection of M&V articles about Music & Vision

Write for us - Editor Keith Bramich's comments and tips on contributing to this online magazine, twenty years on

Ensemble. Daily Puccini - Malcolm Miller enjoys an opera lollipop recital in the city of the composer's birth

From Heaven Winging - Keith Bramich remembers this magazine's founding editor, Basil Ramsey, who passed away this week

Musical Prowess - Robert Anderson's 'Opera Nights and Nightmares', read by Gerald Fenech

Think Again - A late review of Anvil (and some musings on classical music equivalents), by Gordon Rumson

Ensemble. Awakening of Nature - Mahler's Third Symphony, appreciated by Giuseppe Pennisi

Ensemble. Under the Tuscan Sun - Giuseppe Pennisi attends the beginning of the Tiroler Festspiele 2010

A Vision of Shostakovich's String Quartet No 8 - A poem by J Jean Mayfield

Ensemble. Suite Brolga - Music of David Salisbury at the 2009 Australian Festival of Chamber Music, reported by Malcolm Tattersall


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