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Quality of Mercy

GIUSEPPE PENNISI was at the opening night
of the new Parma-Montecarlo production
of Verdi's 'Stiffelio'


In Verdi's catalogue Stiffelio is almost a puzzle. It was moderately successful at its premiere in Trieste on 16 November 1850, but in its original version, it disappeared until the late nineteen sixties. It dealt with a sensitive topic: in a strict protestant community, the pastor discovers his wife's adultery and shows his quality of mercy and forgiveness during the Sunday service. In Verdi's times, after applause in the theatre but controversy in the press (and in the socio-political world of Trieste), the libretto had to be drastically changed; the time and place changed to the Crusaders' period, a fourth act was added, and with it's new title Aroldo, the opera had a new start in Rimini...

Copyright © 18 April 2012 Giuseppe Pennisi,
Rome, Italy






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