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Carl Orff: Gisei - das opfer

MV 0856 5

PAL DVD 9 16:9 region 0
Dolby Stereo

Playing time: 65' + 15'
Chapters: 7
Booklet pages: 28
© 2012 B O A Videofilmkunst
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Carl Orff: Gisei - das opfer published on 15 October 2012

Watch and listen: Orff: Gisei (title 1, chapter 2, 21:19-22:15)

Aki Hashimoto, Kotaro
Oleksandr Prytolyuk, Genzo
Susanne Serfling, Tonami
Andreas Daum, Matsuo
Anja Vincken, Chiyo
Sven Ehrke, Gemba

Constantin Trinks, conductor
John Dew, stage director
Heinz Balthes, stage design
José Manuel Vázquez, costumes
Mei Hong Lin, choreographic cooperation
André Weiss, chorus master

Staatsorchester Darmstadt
Chor des Staatstheaters Darmstadt
Statisterie des Staatstheaters Darmstadt

Carl Orff (1895-1982):

Gisei - The Sacrifice (1913)
Music drama after the Japanese tragedy 'Terakoya' in a German translation by Karl Florenz

Title 1
1 Preliminary Action
2 Principal Action
3 Appearance pupils and Tonami
4 Appearance Chiyo with son Kotaro
5 Appearance Genzo
6 Appearance Matsuo with Gemba
7 Appearance Chiyo

Title 2
1 Bonus material


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