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Peter and the Wolf - Sir Ben Kingsley, LSO / Mackerras



Playing time: 56'40"
Tracks: 28
Booklet pages: 8
© 2012 Cala Records Ltd
Reviewer: Howard Smith
Review of Peter and the Wolf - Sir Ben Kingsley, LSO / Mackerras published on 19 March 2013

Ben Kingsley, narrator
London Symphony Orchestra
Charles Mackerras, conductor

Sergei Prokofiev:
Peter and the Wolf, Op 67 - A Musical Tale for Children
1 Instruments of the Orchestra
2 The story begins
3 The wolf appears
4 Peter catches the wolf
5 The triumphal procession

Benjamin Britten:
The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, Op 34 - Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Purcell, with text by Eric Crozier
6 Introduction
7 Theme and groups
8 Flute and piccolo
9 Oboes
10 Clarinets
11 Bassoons
12 Violins
13 Violas
14 Cellos
15 Double basses
16 Harp
17 Horns
18 Trumpets
19 Trombones and tuba
20 Timpani
21 Bass drum and cymbals
22 Tambourine and triangle
23 Side drum and block
24 Xylophone
25 Castanets and gong
26 Whip
27 Fugue

Paul Dukas:
28 The Sorcerer's Apprentice (L'apprenti sorcier) - scherzo d'après une ballade de Goethe


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