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Two Pianos - Personal Memories of The Playhouse Theatre

Joan Ovens and Anne Hughes (neé Settle)

ISBN: 1-901231-52-6


Number of pages: 36
Chapters: 19
© 2004 Joan Ovens and Anne Hughes
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Two Pianos - Personal Memories of The Playhouse Theatre published on 9 October 2013

In the beginning ...
Introductions: Joan Ovens ... Anne Hughes ... Ronald Settle
The Band Room
RADA Scholarships
Serious Events
Last Nights
And We Can't Forget
Unashamed Name Dropping
Leaving (Joan)

Ronald Settle was pianist and Director of Music at the Liverpool Playhouse Theatre from 1945 until 1971. This book contains some of the personal memories of his daughter Anne and his piano duet partner and former pupil Joan.

14 black and white illustrations
Limited Edition

'Ronnie Settle was, of course, known as a musician of some stature. It is not so generally known that he also had a great love and understanding of the theatre. Tyrone Guthrie, the internationally known theatre director, agreed with him that music should not only be a feature of the theatre, but should also match the dramatic content of the play being performed. In his mid-forties Ronnie was appointed as Driector of Music at the Liverpool Playhouse, and felt strongly that the combination of two pianos was a complete musical form. Thus two Bechstein grand pianos were installed.'


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